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Bel-Air RL Cro-Mo Saddles

Bel-Air RL Cro-Mo Saddles

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The Bel-Air saddles are the modern classics - providing ultimate comfort, support and control. It uses a resilient Polypropylene base that allows extra flex on the edges through each pedal stroke and incorporates a Base Bridge for stiffness and ideal power transfer.

A Mid-Density PU foam pad is strategically designed with a Rear-Rise to help rotate the pelvis forward and can provide extra support for one who likes to use the saddle's Optimal Rideable Area (ORA). The Bel-Air incorporates a 3/4 Cut design for perennial relief to eliminate pressures to the soft-tissue. A Nose Platform, provides greater surface area control and power transfer, and a Down Curved Nose moves your body forward on saddle on seated climbs or in an aggressive forward riding position.


  • NOSE PLATFORM - Nose platform allows greater surface area for more control and power transfer
  • REAR RISE - Rear rise rotates pelvis forward for added support
  • WEIGHT: Cro-Mo 325g
  • DIMENSIONS: 270mm x 140mm
  • OPTIMAL RIDEABLE AREA (ORA): (90-130): Small - Medium
  • DISCIPLINES: Mtn (XC, Trail, Enduro, DH), CX, & Road (Endurance & Racing)
  • MATERIALS: Black Microfiber top w/ *Black Kevlar Sides, * or Red Kevlar Sides, Snow Camo top w/ Black Kevlar Sides, Army Camo top w/ Black Kevlar Sides