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Silca Ultra Premium CO2 Cartridges

Silca Ultra Premium CO2 Cartridges

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Silca Ultra Premium CO2 Cartridges

With only a handful of manufacturers in the world producing compressed gas cylinders, SILCA sought to find the best and most reliable source.  Silca ended up in Austria, with a company famous for producing automotive airbag inflators as well as life vest inflators for both commercial and military aircraft.

SILCA CO2 cartridges are without doubt, the finest available today.  While most 16 gram cartridges contain 14-16 grams of gas, SILCA cartridges specified at the highest precision available and are guaranteed to contain 15.5-16.0 grams of gas.  Cartridge threads are precision roll-formed to guarantee both size and thread strength.  Unique, recycled linen paper labels insulate as much as 2x better than traditional cylinder labels and also allow for easier recycling of the cylinder after use.

SILCA has developed a proprietary impact resistant helmet for the cartridges.  Research showed that the number 1 and number 2 cause of CO2 regulator failure are damage to the gasket which seals to the cartridge and destruction of the threads in the regulator.  Both of these failure modes are caused by using a cartridge with damaged threads.  SILCA Impact Helmets guarantee perfect, clean threads when you need to use the cartridge, while also allowing the threads to be lubricated with a high-viscosity silicone grease.  The grease ensures smooth assembly and an airtight seal once the cartridge is punctured.

The Impact helmets also protect cartridges from damage or puncture in seat bags and toolboxes.  

  • Contains 2x 16 gram Cartridges and 2x Impact Helmets
  • 100% Recycled packaging and recycled linen paper cylinder labels
  • Please Recycle Cartridges after use!